Tuesday, May 5, 2015

There not here

April being National Poetry Month, of course we celebrate -- just not here. Maybe you remember last year, the Poem a Day challenge over at Writer's Digest poetry blog.  In 2014 there were more than 21,000 comments (poems) with 300 making the top 10 lists -- less than 1.4%. Day 25 was very good to me.

What the PAD challenge has is the luxury of is (relative) anonymity -- unlike, say, here. So I saved this space from the challenge of poetic mediocrity and foisted a month's worth of wordplay on the brave, creative folks who power through April on the Writer's Digest site. You're welcome.

You can browse through thousands of poems from this year's challenge here.
Feeling particularly curious? Click here.

We've made it this far without a poem. Time to give up. This is from Day 25 -- just to be consistent. The prompt was, write an 'across the sea' poem.

Where the Strong Hand? (A fragment)

Eyes like calm oceans flat and opaque, the journey should be easy
but still waters -- so they say -- run deep. Dive where the

riptide slides beneath, the riptide and the fish and
all the unseen things that swim with grace though not

this one who flails, gasps, surfaces to find the horizon still unknowable.
Oh my darling, where is the raft, where the strong hand

that reaches into the sea, ready to save?

What else? 

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