Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The weight of winter

In which we m-c-square ourselves

So I was thinking about gravity. This is why English majors shouldn't watch movies about famous physicists. We don't know enough about quantum mechanics or the theory of relativity to make any sense about it. What we think about is if gravity shut off and we all started floating, I would hope I was not in my car or in a building, I would want to be outside and float up in the sky and breath for just a little while, until all the air floated away too. Or until I froze. I would see all the earth below and the sky above and it would be awesome. But of course this tangent is terribly imagined. For one the (disappearing) atmosphere would be way too crowded for this to be any fun, since everything would be floating away and it would be like a big bad game of bumper pool. All the things. And here's another thing, it's a confession. Before I wrote this I looked up about what would happen if gravity turned off and it's heavy stuff, all about the flattening of the universe and the space-time continuum would be all spaced and out of time. And there's something about a scalar field, I have no clue, but it's like the fabric of the universe is variable. All that knowledge seems too great a weight for one's imagination, the theory of everything like a stealthy, sneaky black hole sucking my floaty fantasy down it, proving that Wingardium Leviosa is more fun than turning off the G field, and why winter-afternoon daydreams shouldn't be muddied up with equations. You go, Aunt Marge.

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