Thursday, February 5, 2015

Lunar paranoia

A thin and forgettable Thursday night. On the other side of the window a two-nights-past full moon rises over Fort Wayne and stares at me. I tried to take a picture -- three times, with two different camera apps -- but conditions were not favorable and even our low standards of artistry were not met. Thought about watching TV but that requires a measure of concentration that's not available at the present time. Paid a bill. Played Trivia Crack. Drank white wine. Read a bad book. Jumped between playlists on Spotify. Thought about rewriting a bad blog post I found yesterday, then couldn't find it today. Gave up. Watched YouTube videos. Gave up.

The moon's still there; I think it's judging me. Decided to depend instead of late-night TV and country-music stars.

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