Saturday, November 15, 2014

En medias res

 Here find the Diet Coke, the TicTacs, the lip balm, the phone with a plaintive playlist on shuffle. The sticky notes featuring a crazy cat and a Friday afternoon to-do list. A couple of hours and that list will be crumpled up and thrown in the trash and the Diet Coke will be gone, But not yet. These things are small things and yet sustain us through these full and lonely hours, when we watch the brilliant sunlight of midday become the wan grey and thin snow of early evening. The window's framed between two monitors that hold a day's demands, a battlefield of uncertain outlook. I'm a reluctant general whose objective is suspect, for it results in completion -- and surrender. Soon I'll take my soldiers, and turn home.

Go get lost where no one can be found / Drink so long and deep until you drown

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