Monday, October 6, 2014

Catch and release

In which a refrigerator, Ray Carver, and a stranger walk into a blog

We've decided. Frig magnet poems are cheating. We thought about it while we lingered in the dentist's chair (we wanted a shot but not of novacaine) once again for a long hour, this Monday afternoon, where outside the sky waffled between  brilliant blue and scudding stratus. But, we forgive ourselves. Just like some writers overcome road blocks by writing out somebody elses' prose, we depend on the limited lexicon of the magnetic poetry kit. Oh, and we probably need to apologize to Shakespeare.

Ray always cheers us up! Which I'm sure he'd find hilarious. This quote from the Vintage Shorts page on Facebook:

Ray would probably thing I'm a cheater, don't you think? Although he might like the refrigerator aspect. Ordinary things, you know.

One more. Why we're present at all. This one from Humans of New York FB. That third line. Maybe it's why blogs are free, huh? 

Maybe Jerusalem girl needs to listen to a little Mac

You can go your own way / Go your own way / You can call it another lonely day / You can go your own way / Go your own way

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