Saturday, September 6, 2014

The muse giveth and the muse taketh away

In which we ignore current events to once again obsess about things meteorological 

Obviously, what you DO get is another bad frig poem, FREE, so aren't you glad you stopped by? I thought so.

Moon Fall

Thin, porcelain light
     this ghost circle leaves
          a dark and quiet shade.

And what you don't get is even better, for this is not a blog post about the rowdy and rumbling thunderstorms that chased summer away, bulldozers pushing the heat and humidity into big piles of clouds and rain and flashing electricity. It's not about current events: not dead comedians, for we've addressed those; it's not about atrocities, those things of which we cannot speak; it's not about first days of school, or first football games, or first pumpkin spice lattes. It's certainly not about fall. But maybe is it about the thin and porous moon that disappeared behind the early storm clouds tonight.

Can't grab the embed code on this laptop, but we're singing along with the Stones tonight: You can't always get want you want. 

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