Monday, September 15, 2014

September you liar

In which we call the kettle black

Are we the cheaters tonight or what. We might as well be September, a month that's cheating us of the last days of summer, these cool, drear and cloudy rainy days rather dragging on our usually sunny karma. So why not take a page from September's book and be a frig magnet cheater, we needed words that didn't exist in the magnet universe and it's our sucky poem and our frig (or not) and words of the world that anybody can use freely. And loosely. Badly. All the adverbs. So there refrigerator. And September.

Loss of Light

September you liar
Seven you’re not
Summer you’re not
Benign you’re not
Nine you are
Light eater
Summer stealer
Bloody leaf thief
September you liar.

Well, at least Frank makes us feel better. And it mentions spring.

The leaves of brown came tumbling down / Remember, in September, in the rain / The sun went out just like a dying amber / That September in the rain

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  1. Bloody leaf thief sounds just right.