Wednesday, September 10, 2014

MYOB, all you distant and distanced deities

In which we go heavy and deep

Not like we meant to. A word clinging to the frig catches our eye and it lines up from there. Sometimes it gets put back in the stacks and sometimes it goes center stage -- note 'eternity' in this particular inventory. And the title started out singular -- 'Eternity's Fool' -- but that seemed too exclusive and the addition of the 's' opened the whole thing up. And we liked the progression -- 'eternity,' the infinite now in the title that leads in the first line to a 'marble god,' distancing itself from the idea of the human Christ; 'eyes' that are blind, unlike the omnipotent vision of the Christian God; and the 'cloudy secrets' of humanity, life hidden from the distant, uncaring deity. Almost a deus ex machina thing.

And, dear readers reader, you have just experienced the most pretentious and unnecessary close reading of a refrigerator poem, EVER. 

And because we like punctuation

Eternity's Fools

A marble god's 
      eyes can't see
          our cloudy secrets.

Oh, after such a preposterous post you deserve this

She'll let you take her home / It whets her appetite / She'll lay you on her throne / She got Bette Davis eyes

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