Monday, September 1, 2014

Cobbling up a season's lament, even for a sucky summer

In which we reluctantly rip off a calendar's page

I'm wondering how many magnet poetry kits you'd have to buy to get all the words. I only have two so far (kits, not words, haha), so I've got aways to go, but I keep wanting words, more words. Today I had to cobble 'still' together; 'throb' was sacrificed in the process, since I needed a 't'; I can't imagine writing any line ever with the word 'throb' in it, and it seemed a safe bet. Just my luck I'll get in the mood tomorrow for writing soft porn poetry and have to glue 'throb' back together.

Not that this Fort Wayne summer has been so great, as summers go; but we take what we get, here in the Midwest.

This one begs for some punctuation (to my mind), maybe because it's a little longer than our usual frig poem. And I really wanted the word 'lament' in the title but that's a magnet poem kit too far (as in, 'Summer's Lament').

Sublime Summer

Almost over, this sanctuary season;
Yet still I* desire warm winds
     and a long day's light;
For for we remember winter's window
     when green goes cold
          and long nights linger.

*And in transcribing I realized I liked the 'still' and 'I' juxtaposed, this is why we rewrite.

You guys are suckers for a summer song, aren't you? 

Strange voices are saying  / What did they say  / Things I can't understand  / It's too close for comfort  / This heat has got right out of hand

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