Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Save me, Jared Carter

Which includes a narrow escape, a timely frig poem, then we are saved, once again, by real poetry

Let's throw the low-hanging fruit out of the way fast. Some things just never should have been born -- perhaps we should say, coalesced -- but when they are, we forgive them. Just shut that frig. Although I kind of like that 'prisoner of the present' line. Four good words. Could be worse.

About that escape: Yesterday we were caught on the sidelines of that little traffic slowdown, you remember. Today we were almost obliterated by a semi while waiting to turn left off 24 onto Homestead Road. By a full-size semi and trailer running a fully red light going 65 mph in the lane beside us, horn blaring. As if that would do any good. The driver better be thanking God on his knees tonight that there was enough traffic to be stopped on Homestead, because sometimes it's just cars flying through the intersection as the light changes. Commuting is terrifying.

So the news that our favorite Hoosier poet, Jared Carter, has a new collection of poems out, was like an Ativan to our overstressed system. Darkened Rooms of Summer: New and Selected Poems was downloaded immediately and two of my favorite Carter poems were the first two in the book, 'Geodes' and 'Early Warning.' And then 'Glacier.' And the best villanelle ever, 'Improvisation.' I LOVE this poem. 'Snow,' is here too -- all the best stuff. Christmas in August for me.

Truck, pass by.

Did you ever see the funny side of losin' / Did you ever sit right down and have a cry / Did you ever take the time to help a neighbor  / Just don't let the good life pass you by

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