Sunday, August 17, 2014

Eat pray love refrigerator

In which we settle for the sake of the day of the week

As frig poems go, this one sucks, but it accomplishes two objectives: 1) Uses some different magnet kit words, and 2) Is a little cheerier -- it being Sunday and all. The last line makes me a little gaggy, though. That said, I'm glad Sunday's over and I can go back to using words like 'vast' and 'sacred' and being vaguely being apocalyptic. I need a new kit.

For the makers of lists among us who also might like apps, try this one: Trello. Love the way there are three columns -- To Do, Doing, and Done -- and the dragging of tasks. 

Of course the reading is good over at McSweeney's and you might enjoy this: Midwestament

And what did we watch (and yes, we'll admit it, read) this weekend? Outlander on Starz. Our takeaway: It's muddy in Scotland.

And after that Bukowski reference on Friday, that seems enough. Can't believe I used the word 'yummy.'

And I've pinned some hope to the summit of some day, / Someone somewhere may do something with this light, / But smokers lungs don't blow balloons, / Except for once in a blue Moon, / And I've looked but the Moon is still white.

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