Saturday, July 12, 2014

Words. You will obey me.

In which we acquire a Magnetic Poetry Kit and the refrigerator goes crazy with verse

We called and Amazon delivered, the 'Poet' kit of the magnetic poetry variety. Next up is the haiku kit so don't think it's safe. We won't get tired of this quickly. 

Vast Window

The universe is poetry --
a secret always present. 
Listen to the stars,
and dance with the sky.

Funny what a little punctuation adds, not that a frig poem needs it. Also I like the discipline of working with so few words; we begin to see the attraction of formal forms of poetry. Anyway. We'll be back tomorrow.

I posted this on Instagram (follow CathyBlogs), tagged it 'poetry,' and got more likes than my best picture. Go figure.

We're ending the day where we began it, on the patio, the big brown umbrella above us, the breeze around us, the warm air holding us, the light leaving us. Perhaps I should add about the mosquitoes biting us, too.

What shall we listen to? Nothing but Sam tonight:

You know what I mean / Although I try my best, I still let down the team / You're everything I want, / Why should I resist when you are there for me?

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