Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Second shift, short shrift

In which we could not find the words we wanted, magnetically speaking

The trouble with this little frig magnet exercise is, our moderately creative brain refuses to limit itself to the words at hand. For example, what I wanted to say is

Night Work

Bring the words here
You must show me now
What makes poetry.

which is, of course, a very different little bad poem.

I wanted the sense of immediacy in the 'show me now' and I didn't want to repeat the 'you' in the third line; I wanted the question and vagueness of the 'what,' not the emphasis on the unidentified 'You.' Because I'm not sure who that 'you' is. And yea, I am probably thinking way too much about a refrigerator poem.

DO NOT leave this post without watching our new gold grammatical standard, thank you Weird Al:

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