Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Not quite a golden ticket, but we're headed somewhere

 In which we get all stony-hearted and play with a poetry prompt

Again at Writer's Digest, a poetry prompt, write a golden shovel poem. It's a kind of poem that takes words from a published work that get all beat up into a new poem.

We took one of our favorites, Jared Carter's Geodes, and made a mess of a line. Sorry Mr. Carter!

Here's the line: "for the lapse within, the moment crystal turns"

And here's the mess:

Heart Is a Geode

What do we long for?
Love, success, power, the
weakness of another’s lapse
and the hidden things within,
a heart’s secrets that the
light exposes; in this small moment
you are clear as crystal
and upon truth this life turns.

Definitely a geological theme we're hammering on tonight.

What you thought was a game / A game you were winning / Wouldn't go your way / Now you've lost what you had / And your back to the beginning / It's the price you have to pay

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