Monday, July 28, 2014

Also, there were llamas

In which we travel the world 

At Buckingham Palace we walked up the great staircase and imagined kings. In the Picture Gallery we saw paintings by Rembrandt and Rubens and imagined blazing battles and saw beautiful women in portraiture. The State Dining Room was well-appointed, although no meals were served; the Ballroom was vast and elegant and bereft of music.Treasures abounded, although no monarchs ruled in the throne room. We exited through the Bow Room to the formal gardens, green and lovely and empty. We took tea on the lawn, and had pastries. It was lovely.


At the fair the little girls, in flip flops and neon dresses, wanted cheap shiny beads from a carnie shop and took free Bibles from the merchants' tent. They demanded warm pretzels with frosting dip for dinner, and we ate in a big, open picnic shelter crowded with tables and everyone ordering Things Which Had Been Fried. Elephant ears smell wonderful. In the Exhibit Building were poster boards of 4H projects like 'Uses of Electricity' and 'Me and My Pet.' Plates with one green bean, or one tomato, or one onion, were showcased in the middle. Blue ribbons had been awarded. We took the girls to a field at the back of the fairgrounds where half-a-dozen hot-air balloons were to ascend, passing by the grandstand and dirt track where the donkey races would be held 'AT EIGHT-TEN.' We sat on the long, scratchy dry grass with girls in our laps, watching as the rainbow 'envelopes' were inflated and heated and became balloons that couldn't be contained on ground level and floated above us. Excited by the idea of flying, the girls demanded to ride some rides and took off for the midway with the grownups with ticket money. The balloons, after a short flight, were driven back to the field around dark, and, staying grounded, glowed for the little girls, and everyone. It was lovely. 

London to Fort Wayne, wherever, let's go

You know the tunnel of love, well it ain't my style / So I'm take her on the ferris wheel / Way up in the sky, with the stars in her eyes / I'm gonna tell her just how I feel

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