Friday, June 13, 2014

Quick quick quick confess and move on

In which we use our blog as Evernote, to (what else) write notes to ourselves forever. And confess.

St. Pancras
Quick because I have two hours left on my rental of The Remains of the Day and and an hour to get it watched. Confession time: Have never watched the entire film. So I gotta go.

Charles Wright. Poet laureate. Confession time: Had not read him. So some ordering was in order today.

Confession time: the way the Fairy Tale and Science Fiction class is organized is so stupid I may bag on it. I just need some background to process and write.

Confession time: why post at all? -- because, finally, after the 365 Poems Project, after Modpo and the examination of failure, thinking about sitting in the semi-dark, Sam Smith in the earbuds, glowing screen, familiar keys, glass of white -- feels like home, and where I want to be, even for a minute.

Secret's out, huh?

Not sure where St. Pancras Church is. But I could find St. Pancras Station. At 5 a.m. In a cab. And we did.

Still I refrain / From talking at you, talking on / You know me well / I don't explain
 / But why the hell / Why do you think I come 'round here on my free will? / Wasting all my precious time / Oh, the truth spills out / Ooo oh I've / I've told you now

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