Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Our bookish fangirl gets loose

In which we revel in a year's worth of worthy reading, refuse to feel guilty about guilty-pleasure summer reading, and reminisce about summers -- and tans -- past.

Summertime, and the
reading is easy.
We are readers here at CathyBlogs, as our readers reader knows well. We belong to three book clubs -- two with other peoples of the books, and one is the Book Club of Me.

Tonight our book club of 17+ years met for our annual planning dinner/meeting. Since this book club is full of former teachers and over-organized people, in our June meeting we plan our entire next season's reading, presenters, and hosts, for September through May. (We take December off.) (Also the summer.) (Although this may change.)

Our reading tastes are wide and we all enjoy reading something we might otherwise not. We try to include a non-fiction book every year and also a classic; most of our choices are literary fiction. This more a suggestion than a rule. Like parley.

And we are not so highbrow that we don't share a bunch of summer-reading type books with one another -- we have lots of Evanovich fans, for instance. My fun summer-reading suggestion is The Immortal Collection by Eva Garcia Saenz -- romance, Spain, AND lots of history.

Anyway, here's our list for next season's reading
Not only did I suggest 'Caged Bird' in homage to Maya Angelou, I get to present it. 

How many summers did I read the days away, working on my tan, slathered in baby oil, a bag of Harlequin Romances by my side? I used to get the books all oily. Now it's me, my Kindle, and a can of spray #30. The sun remains the same.

When I met you in the summer / To my heartbeat sound / We fell in love / As the leaves turned brown

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