Monday, June 9, 2014

Five things that damn well better inspire me

That's rather frightening.
In which we attempt to recapture our mojo by creating the ubiquitous list, and once again depend on mindless pop music to get our point across. Shoutouts to Chris Pine, Professor Snape, the ISS, Tyrion Lannister, John Irving, and of course Ray.

Yes, we are down because our better angels told us to take down the found poem we wrote Saturday. We hate our better angels because all our inspiration got redacted along with that stupid poem. So we're taking the Five Things cure.

1. Leap of faith thing. Because everyone should be rejected by an MFA program at least once in their life.

2. Crane your neck thing. We become one with the universe when the International Space Station flies over one's house. Twice.

3. Undiscovered country thing. 'Bottle Shock.' Because Allen Rickman, Chris Pine, and Dennis Farina in one movie. Not a particularly good movie. But imminently watchable. Because Chris Pine.

Big dot moon. Little dot ISS. 
4. Making shit up thing. Why, in a class of thousands of people, do you have the writing assignment due before you've posted the lectures? This makes no sense to me as a student OR a teacher. It's a fairy tale, for sure.

5. Game of Thrones thing. Because the scenes with Tyrion and Jaime -- shoot, Tyrion and anyone who comes to see him -- are A+ acting. And the entire show at the wall last Sunday. We are hoping TV Jon Snow fares better than book Jon Snow.

5.5. Not done yet thing. But how could you read the first 50 pages or so of The Goldfinch and not think, HELLO OWEN MEANY? Or maybe at least HELLO JOHNNY?

We don't know if the Five Things cure has worked (tomorrow will tell). Actually we have more faith in Ray so maybe we'll sleep with him tonight. Actually we're thinking of writing Tess Gallagher a letter -- we need Ray on our Kindle, Portable Ray. I'd have one less problem without this.

Head in the clouds / Got no weight on my shoulders / I should be wiser / And realize that I've got / One less problem without ya! / I got! / One less problem without ya! / I got!

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