Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Sliding through the moon door

Falling man.
You know when we're happy drunk? When we feel as if we've written something that doesn't suck. And then we read something that really doesn't suck and we get melancholy drunk. Truth. Ouch. Makes us want to slide through the Moon Door.

We need to return Richard Siken's Crush to the library. (Yes, in spite of our love of the Digital Age we sometimes go old-school and read real books.) We loved these poems very much. Also our girlfriend Louise Gluck wrote the intro. We love her poems about the garden* very much also. We should swear off writing any more bad poetry after reading both poets' work but we get in trouble for swearing.

We especially love the way Mr. Siken's poem 'Anyway' was written: 'This poem was tweeted one line at a time on April 4, 2011, and shaped by the responses of other tweeters, as part of the Academy of American Poets’ 30 Days, 30 Poets feature.' Regular readers reader will remember our participation in The Takeaway's crowd-sourced Inaugural Poem; we were quite honored to contribute two lines to it. Anyway:
I like seeing things: a hand, the moon, ice in a highball glass.
The light of the mind illuminating the mind itself.
Put it in a tree. Hide it in plain sight and climb higher.
We are all of us secret agents, undercover in our overcoats,
the snow falling down.
Nice, huh? You can read more of Mr. Siken's work on his web site. Or when we take the book back to the library.

Kind of obsessed with Sam Smith.

* Of course her poems are about more than the garden. That was irony. This is from 'Vespers,' one of my favorites:
In your extended absence, you permit me
use of earth, anticipating
some return on investment. I must report
failure in my assignment, principally
regarding the tomato plants.
There's a lot going on there, and it's not gardening. Entirely.

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