Saturday, May 24, 2014

Luck be an ancient Greek

Once again, it's your lucky day. A day full of things we shall not write poems about. Like all the colors of Lake Erie today, blue and more blue and gray and  more blue. And we're not mentioning the sky or the clouds because we talked about those yesterday. Like this

We did want to make one short note about our  mention in the last post of Heraclitus, in case you think we are chummier with ancient Greek philosophers than we are. Although we did benefit greatly from our Introduction to Philosophy Coursera class from the University of Edinburgh. Free and open to the public if you are interested.

Anyway, about Heraclitus. If you had the misfortune of reading all of yesterday's list of things we weren't going to write poems about, perhaps you noticed the emphasis on moments/things that would only happen once. Sue generis. That made us think, 'You can never step in the same river twice.' Which set us down a path of tracking down the source. Which led us to ... Heraclitus. My new co-pilot.

O brother, where art thou?

O sinners, let's go down / Let's go down, come on down / O sinners, let's go down / Down in the river to pray

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