Thursday, May 8, 2014

In which we discuss Dante or lack of him, invoke Caroline Bergvall, and lie about our illustrations

I lied. CathyBlogs, 1975, #TBT edition
Midway along the highroad of our days,
I found myself within a shadowy wood,
Where the straight path was lost in tangled ways.
The Divine Comedy – Pt. 1 Inferno – Canto 1 – (1-3) (Wheeler, 1911)

It's Throwback Thursday of a different kind here at CathyBlogs, and we accept your thanks that you're not looking at a picture of us circa 1975. You're welcome. #TBT

Instead we have Confessional Thursday.

We figured, after invoking Dante Alighieri in a very bad poem yesterday, the least we could do is confess we have not read the entire Divine Comedy. Cantos, yes, one does not escape even undergrad without that, but the whole thing? Not yet. (In defense, we have read The Faerie Queen, Paradise Lost, and Beowolf in their respective entireties.)

Anyway, by 'not yet' we mean we cruised Amazon and bought three different translations today (the Ciardi for Kindle and two used paperbacks of other translations). We have begun reading the Ciardi already and are finding it fairly easy going. Very accessible translation.

We blame this whole endeavour on Caroline Bergvall.

Regular readers reader may remember our delight at reading Bergvall's Via during Modpo 2013, and how we loved her recording of it.

We thought of it yesterday when writing our bad poem, and were shamed into making honest English majors of ourselves.

To further validate our writing life, let's work on what happened in the last post. Better or not? (We like the end better.) Maybe we'll wait 'til we've finished The Inferno for a third draft.

Driving with Dante, Revision 2

Driving with Dante to work
we never arrive, we drive in circles.
Landscape that freezes, greens,
golds, dies, freezes, greens,
golds, dies.
Always the same miles,
eighteen miles, morning edition miles,
somnolent miles. Odometer
miles, miles of roadkill
and road rage, time clock miles,
stick it to the man miles --
lost miles.
Daily mass miles,
an unstudied sacrifice;
we journey through
this routine purgatory
forgetting to pray:
God help us.

We considered several tunes for inclusion this evening but an invocation by Lenny seemed best.

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