Friday, May 2, 2014

Don't give me any ideas

To paraphrase John, 'I had fears that National Poetry Month would be over / Before my pen had gleaned my teeming brain.' My 'teeming brain' keeps on working, April or not.

I have no clue where this idea came from, we are very pacifist here at CathyBlogs. So we did a little research about poetry and creativity. This article by Alex Hudson of the BBC News looked at creativity, poetry, mental illness and the stat that poets are 20 times more likely to end up in an asylum than the general population. (Unless you're like me, who says with the Poles, 'Not my circus, not my monkey.') Also not much of a poet, that helps; but still, I liked this:
"I think you've always got to be interested in a slightly different aspect of the universe to even want to pick up a pen and analyse the world through poetry," says spoken word artist Laura Dockrill.
"I think our brains are big scribbles and always active. Because you can write about anything, you're always on the go - trying to put something to your Velcro head hoping it will stick on.
"Part of poetry is making words do more work that they usually should do and so you're looking for every angle of what a word might mean and so your brain starts working like as well - over-analysing everything and zooming in to minute detail."
We had some fun with this and didn't over-analyze, but did some big scribbling. I don't think there even WAS a sunset tonight, unfortunately. The day just faded from grey to more grey to black, but that may be another bad poem for another day.

Sunsets make me murderous 

make me murderous 
all those brilliant bloody colors 
dripping into a hostile night
that lurks below the horizon
I plunge my hands into 
that inflamed wound then drag 
my fingers across your face 
smear war paint around 
your cheeks and lips,
outline your treacherous eyes
with the last light of day and
throw you into the dusky canvas
of a constellation where you can
hang forever above those
brilliant bloody colors. You know
They make me murderous.

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