Tuesday, April 29, 2014

National Poetry Month, Day 29: The night forgets

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Sorry, you're getting nothing but Ray for your real poem of the day today and tomorrow; if I were a real poet, he'd be my biggest influence, and I'm always sorry he's dead, because I'd like to say thank you. Instead we'll quote him; considering what you'll have to read shortly, this one is particularly appropriate.

All Her Life

I lay down for a nap. But every time I closed my eyes,
mares' tails passed slowly over the Strait
toward Canada. And the waves. They rolled up on the beach
and then back again. You know I don't dream.
But last night I dreamt we were watching
a burial at sea. At first I was astonished.
And then filled with regret. But you
touched my arm and said, "No, it's all right.
She was very old, and he'd loved her all her life."
(from All of Us: The Collected Poems)

Over at the Writer's Digest Poem a Day challenge, in honor of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, who died April 17, our assignment was (it was a two-fer Tuesday kind of thing there)
Write a realism poem. A poem that is rooted in the real world. Or…
Write a magical poem. A poem that incorporates magical or fantastical elements.
 After a couple of low points the last two days -- monsters, settling -- this one we liked better. A lot. Of course we love Marquez so that helps. And the idea came quick so we could play with it in the odd moments of the day. So here. I think I hit both choices. And yes the title is an homage to Ray. And the dreaming.

Dirty realism

I breathe
your dream
is that
your heart
a dark
a shadow
it sings
in moonlight
and dies
in dance
this bed
its corpse
a cover
the night
when I
I breathe
your dream
your heart
and die
in desire.

I know I shouldn't but I really like that one, tonight anyway. Like a one-night stand I may hate it in the morning but tonight -- it's okay. And it was fun to write.

Need some covers.

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