Friday, April 25, 2014

National Poetry Month, Day 25: My last nerve [UPDATED]

[UPDATE] In a stunning announcement, it seems 'Last Nerve' made the top 10 for Day 25 in the Writer's Digest PAD Challenge. Thank you, judge Erica Wright!

As soon as I read today's poetry prompt from the Writer's Digest Poem a Day challenge, I knew it was a Ray kind of day. So for our real poem of the day, how about some lines (the last stanza) from 'Where They'd Lived,' from 'All of Us':

In the motel room
that night, in the early morning hours,
he opened a curtain. Saw clouds
banked against the moon. He leaned
closer to the glass. Cold air passed
through and put its hand over his heart.
I loved you, he thought.
Loved you well.
Before loving you no longer.

It's a perfect storm for me, because the prompt was
... write a “last straw” poem. Everyone encounters situations in which they decide they’re not going to take it anymore (whatever “it” happens to be). It could be a loud noise, an abusive partner, someone taking the Pop Tart but not throwing the box away, or whatever. Write about the moment, the aftermath, or take an unexpected path to your poem.
 Which made me think of a bunch of Ray poems (see above) and also made me want to practice on one of my own. Of course mine is a pale imitation, I only point that out as an apology for my readers reader.

Last nerve

The fight was over,
long over, drama
and excitement
gone with it;
evening descended
to dark silence.
When he got up
and said I’m out
she didn’t
look at him,
nor he, her;
their faces
blind mirrors
of mysterious indifference.
It wasn’t the last time
he left. But it was
the first time
neither one cared.

Clint Black seems to understand...

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