Tuesday, April 22, 2014

National Poetry Month, Day 22: Whole heartedly [UPDATED]


For our real poem of the day to celebrate National Poetry Month, here's a slam poet and poem I love: from Neil Hilborn, "OCD," on the Button Poetry YouTube Channel. I've posted it before -- and it's been all around Facebook -- but let's enjoy all over again. It's everything a poem can be -- emotional, visual, and beautiful:

We had a very good experience today. After reading the prompt this morning we felt a little panicked; only lameness was resonating as we tried lines and titles on, and the possibility of a really bad poem day loomed. But we trusted in our subconscious, gave it her assignment, and just waited. An idea emerged on the commute home that I could live with.

Today's prompt from the Writer's Digest Poem a Day challenge (you get to pick on Tuesdays, it seems):
Write an optimistic poem. The glass is half full.
Write a pessimistic poem. The glass is half empty.
As you can read, I went both minimalist, and whole-hog (and a little Basho):

One hundred percent

the tall clear glass
sitting on your counter
is blind to what it holds

Neil is kind of intense, and in case you're a glass-half-empty kind of person, you deserve this:

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