Wednesday, April 2, 2014

National Poetry Month, Day 2: A poem of voyage

Paris before us, a cloudy dream
Today's poetry prompt from Writer's Digest April Poetry Challenge for National Poetry Month:
For today’s prompt, write a voyage poem. In my case, we’ll be driving along the Gulf of Mexico, but a voyage can happen in a variety of ways–even on foot, or psychologically. Heck, the process of writing a poem is a sort of voyage all its own. Happy poeming!
We thought of our recent voyage, and this ensued:

And If Paris Opens Herself

And if Paris opens herself
to you and I
for just one day,
we shall dance along
her luminous streets,
ford the Seine over
a bridge of locks.
At the Louvre we shall not
visit the victorious
nor the enigmatic
but linger at courtyard table,
sipping Diet Coke and
eating salty fries.
We shall circumnavigate
flying buttresses and
riotous gardens at Notre Dame,
peer inside at rose windows
and apostles, forget to
pray, then use our
euros for cheap souvenirs
at the cross-street shop.
Upon the roof of a shining
rumbly red trolley bus
we shall be carried
down the Champs d'Elysees,
even as the sun's radiant spell
casts upon us this somnolent
afternoon, we pass by cars
and cafes, shoppers
and strollers, in silent suspension
forever, or a second,
or long as a lingering
traffic signal --
ah, this last lovely hour,
my beau companion,
let us away, we
wing to Tour Eiffel,
scale the lattice curves
of Pillar Nord, finally find
our way to the top,
where Paris surrounds
us at last, the city 
a cloudy dream
from which 
we will 

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