Monday, March 3, 2014

Work the playlist

A lttle London shower. 
Found a poetry prompt on Found Poetry Review suggesting that one take a couple of pop songs and mash them up. That's a good idea but I put a twist on it and pulled some random titles from my pop-heavy favorites playlist and got this. You're subjected to something from my playlist almost every post anyway so I figured this wouldn't be too onerous. The ending is the best.

Playlist Love Song

Maybe I’m amazed,
Wild angels,
Flying too close to the ground,
Take me home tonight --
Heaven help, She will be loved:
Foolish heart,
Just remember I love you
Where we gonna go from here?
All I have is closer to love.
Follow you down
Under the bridge;
Every teardrop is a waterfall,
Raindrops keep fallin’ on my head,
I’m no stranger to the rain.
Should I stay or should I go?
Don’t look back in anger ,
Cruise The long and winding road,
Blurred lines, Nothin’ but the taillights
Boulevard of broken dreams --
Running on empty.
I’m in a hurry --
If you leave me now;
Somebody that I used to know,
Say something, Fix you --
No words.
Let her go, The only one,
What kind of fool?
It’s crazy, yeah,
Na na hey hey
Kiss him goodbye.
Hallelujah. Fade into light.
Still. I hold on.


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