Thursday, February 6, 2014

This, of Which We Shall Not Write

Earth, from the surface of Mars,
photographed by the rover Curiosity
After our life of crime of the last two or three entries -- threats! murder! heroin! -- we deserve to have a little fun, don't we? For me that means taking the silly words and shaking them up and seeing what arranges itself. 

I have no clue what it means for you.

I was kind of contemplating pale-poem topics and the possibilities began to narrow themselves pretty quickly:

This, of Which We Shall Not Write

in poems includes:

Death, one’s own or others’,
   especially when treated

   and meta-anything

Time, fast or slow passage of, and
   one’s own age,
      also especially self-referentially

Our aloneness in general,
   as part of a (madding or otherwise) crowd or
      when actually alone

Weather, specifically:
  • snow, slowly falling or in blizzards 
  • thunderstorms, violent 
  • sky, blue and/or brilliant 
  • the sun, especially dawns 
  • clouds, any kind 
  • spring and its fertility 
  • fall in all its glory 
  • wind, light breezes to hurricane strength 
  • dreariness, excessive 
  • rain, sound of

Romance, consummated
   or not

Melancholy, especially during insomnia (see loneliness)

Journeys, short or long,
   including and perhaps particularly metaphorical ones

God and/or other deities:
  • grandeur, or 
    • lack of
  • disconnect (from humanity) 
  • inadequacies (esp. of religion) 
  • presence in ‘Nature’ 
  • gender of 
  • relatives of and 
    • their possible past and future resurrections
Sentimentality, esp. cloying

Vastness of space (see ‘God’)
   including number and clarity of stars
            possible interstellar neighbors (or lack of)

Gardens, in season or out

Wonder, especially in/of children (inc. innocence, or lack of)

Suffering, personal or
   of the human race in general,
      across all cohorts and the
         time-space continuum,
            esp. during illness (extended or fatal; inc. observed)

Suicide in all
   its forms and attempts,
      successes or failures,
          including repercussions from.

At all costs, avoid
imaginative speculation;
do not attempt to describe
the infinite
of most of the universe,
nor the state
of one’s heart



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