Sunday, January 26, 2014

Laugh-a-minute edition

So the title breaks my under-promise, over-deliver rule but I figured after yesterday's downer post I owed you something. Fast readers will take less than 30 seconds, anyway. Anyway, here's what me and my peeps found amusing and entertaining during this snowed-in weekend.

My best idea this weekend:

 Not just marines. SWEDISH marines. Dancing to Grease. 

I would say the graphic below also applies to certain TV characters ("Really, Lady Mary? You're really ready to date after poor Matthew's sad and unexpected demise?"):

The weekend's biggest problem, as shared on FB: 'Conundrum of the day. Need to go to the grocery. But if I can get out to the grocery that means I can also get out to go to dinner. In which case I might not need to go to the grocery.' 

And I might be the oldest person listening to them but so what. I spent way too much time yesterday watching Timeflies video on YouTube but isn't that what winter is for? And I quit YouTube to binge watch some Once Upon a Time, so that was good, right?

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