Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Because we need to read a good poem today about snow.

From Jared Carter's 'Soltice,' a villanelle
Softened by drifts of newly fallen snow,

the wind can barely gather strength to flow
along the garden path. Shrouded in white,
awakened by the cries of distant crows,

a single branch springs up, and throws off slow,
metallic flakes that seem to freeze in flight....

Because we need to read a good book today, Thug Notes is here to summarize. "He got his own problems, and the bitch IS one."

Because we need a new quote today and I just read this one from Rebecca West. (H. G. Wells described “her splendid, disturbed brain.”)

Because hearing kids sing makes us happy. And they are singing again with A Great Big World.

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