Tuesday, December 24, 2013

365 Poems: Welcome, shoppers, fahoo ramus

Day 358


O come ye who are weak
and on food stamps
And ye shall have
cigarettes and beerandlo

the angel of the Lord greeted them
in a wheelchair blue vest
holiday muzak unseen choir

these manic aisles the weary seekers
cellophane Christmas echoes
a meal shoes a breakprayingdeargodhowaboutapieceofpeace

O crowded shelves of infant products
how expensive you seem tonight;
all they need is some diapers a onesie
some good newsthatshallbetoallpeople --

check-out lines drag
whiny small kids their tired raccoon eyes
trapped shopping cart animal control
mothers shudduprightnowdammit

teenager gray hoodie skinny jeans
tiny baby in her arms slips into
the restroomnoroomatthe
smells of blood shit sweat --

now the small silencebreathofheaven
farthest stall she shuts the door
beige plastic fold-down table
a hard place to lay a sleeping

o god

from her backpack a blanket
diaper a wipey
he stretches she shushes --
still asleepsleepinheavenly

she frees his thin legs
soaked diaper tossed
a gentle swipegodreastyemerry
how quickly she’s changed him

on his chest
her handsmallblessings
little little boynocryinghemakes,
nor does she --

still the young man waits
quick smile he takes the baby
juggles the bag grabs her hand
together they passdonotbeafraid

under the sign that shinesbrightlyshining
Thank You for Shopping at Walmart
come here: cold parking lot
dirty piled snow

the sleepless stars
again a December night
He takes them
home is where where is home

[*still working]

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