Monday, December 30, 2013

365 Poems: Waiting on the world to change. Or at least the year.

Day 364

Who knew I was so
f-ing cute inside?
I've written before about this one before, so we won't beat that dead destrier -- Dear Tyrion, I love you best, written on Day 291, is the most popular CathyBlogs post of 2013. I wonder if the name Tyrion will start appearing in the most popular baby names lists, along with Joffrey (yikes, hope not), Sansa and Arya? Like all good writers, George R.R. Martin nails his names.

Instead, since we missed the five things written on Friday, shared on Saturday last week, let's go there. Five things Monday, anyone?

1) What animal are you? I remember applying for a job in the '90s and this was the last question on the application. I answered a whale (I like the way they jump out of the water!), and did not get the job. In a coincidence of extremes, when I took this Buzzfeed quiz, I got tiny marmoset! What a difference a decade or two makes.

2) Everybody's talking about this NYT dialect quiz. Soda or pop? Crawdad or crayfish? My results came up Minneapolis, Rockford (IL), and/or Madison (WI) -- no where near where I'm really from. Does that make me a crayfish out of water?

3) Yeah. Total fangirl. Why Legolas in the background is the most important thing of all in LOTR & The Hobbit.

4) Best tree topper ever? (Courtesy of Jayme). Ooh la la!

Next year, Paris, I will eat you.

5. I got a Marauder's Map for Christmas and I am watching you now.

I see you. Go back to bed, students.

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