Saturday, December 28, 2013

365 Poems: Vicky Christina not-by-words-alone-a

Day 362


Kind of meta, I think. Woody Allen visits his statue in
in Oviedo.
A post called 'Making Words Tell' makes the end-of-year list at #4. The title is a quote from William Strunk and E.B. White's Elements of Style and proves the SEO point to quote good stuff and they will come. They being you.

It also helps that we mention William Carlos Williams and 'Young Woman at a Window' in the body -- Thank you, Bill, for all your help! Great lesson in poetry editing, too.

Last night we watched Vicky Christina Barcelona, which I am embarrassed to admit I'd not seen before. (Also I always thought that was somebody's name.) Both Jayme and I admitted half-way through it that we had no idea where it was going, which was great --  really, how often does that happen? It was kind of like a dysfunctional Midsummer Night's Dream. Very dysfunctional. And Penelope Cruz -- wow. Can she bring the crazy while being stunning at the same time? Quite the gift.

But movies are about pictures and story, it seems to me, and I wish Woody  would have done a little self-editing and shut the narrator up. Show it, don't tell it -- if I ever get the chance, I think I'll ask him, why all the narration? Wouldn't we get it without the storyteller? What if we had Woody Allen and E.B. White in the same room? And showed E.B. the movie? RED PEN, baby.

So being a curious sort and fairly confident that I'm not the first person to observe this I googled 'Woody Allen and narration' and broke the internet. Just kidding. Lance Mannion says much better what I'm saying badly. At least about the narration. I don't particularly agree with him about the characters, obviously.

Still, when Javier Bardem visits my table at Applebee's and invites me to Oviedo, I'm out of there, baby.

Almost forgot the earworm. And I'm being kind because I almost used this but it seemed too extreme.

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