Friday, December 13, 2013

365 Poems: Unicorns and Auntie Mame

Taken in my backyard.
Day 347

Norma Jeanne Maloney (Austin, Texas) in an article about sign painters on Brain Pickings:
There’s some fear involved in doing what you love. I get up every morning and I look at that fear and say to myself, ‘I’m doing what I love today,’ and that gets me through the day."
Or through a blog post. Still working on that thing going through my head, not sure where it's going, scared to finish it, but more scared not too. I'm just like Keith Richards, without the drugs and women. Or Mick.

What's cool is when you not only love working on a piece, but love it when you're finished (as if a writer ever feels finished with something).  Rare like a unicorn, though.

Today's playlist includes what I'm doing, although I also hope today includes a little of what I should be doing about the unicorns:

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