Wednesday, December 18, 2013

365 Poems: Rock and a hard place

Day 352

I should watch more mindless sitcoms.
Well. So. Sorry, we are not in a particularly good place for blithering about how great writing is and how wonderful the words are and what Steve King said or Scott or anybody else we might have read once, writer-people who are pissing me off because I have pissed myself off -- stupid words, stupid poems, dumb titles, bad ideas, lines gone wrong. Scott said that about writing with passion but he didn't say anything about writing frustrated. He also said this --
You wouldn't be interested in a soldier who was only a little brave.
which is particularly hilarious since what did I write about earlier but what a coward I am. (Although I think a story about a soldier who is just a little brave might be very interesting -- since most of us are limited in our bravery, it would be a story infused with realism. I could see Hemingway writing about a soldier who was just a little brave.)
Whatever, if I knew what it was going to take to get that stupid line out of my head -- what else can somebody do, though? Getting drunk doesn't seem to work, nor drugs, nor hard living -- and this is through observation, since none of these options interest me. Ask Ernest or Scott about those things. All I can do is listen to sad country songs and thank God the year is almost over, this idea is killin' me. Death by bad writing, my new tagline.

And why this soundtrack? Because the movie was on tonight. Lest you think I'm too cuddly I'm also listening to Keith Whitley sing I'm No Stranger to the Rain, which makes much more sense but is not as seasonal. And we're all about the seasons.

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