Monday, December 23, 2013

365 Poems: Reruns

Day 357

Which end is more dangerous?
Every few months I buy another Harry Potter book for my Kindle from Pottermore  because one can't have too many editions of Harry Potter books. (Hello, GB editions!) And then I reread it.

Of course I'm a serial re-reader, and some people just don't get it. Once through a book is enough for them. Most books maybe that's so -- who needs to read Fifty Shades of Grey more than once? Who needs to read it once? haha

But a good book, a classic book, a book you love -- I can't even guess how many times I've read Little Women. And every time, I learn something new or get a new insight or remember how I felt or what I thought when I read it the first time as a young girl. And of course, you bring a new understanding -- especially as I've read more about the Alcott family and know more history than I did as a kid. But some things don't change -- the post office in the bird house, the play, Amy's party -- are just us fun and funny and wonderful now as when I was 12.

This week I've been rereading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

What's been fun this time around in Goblet of Fire is the Blast-ended Skrewts. Holy cow, Jo Rowling, these things are killing me (and each other) this time. The descriptions, the behavior, what the kids say about them, how Hagrid talks about them -- I don't know why, of the half-dozen times I've read this book, the Skrewts have gotten to me now, but what a great comic relief among the stress of the Twiwizard Tournament these magical and hazardous creatures are. The WRONG names people hang on them -- Bang-Ended Scoots being one of my favs. Their behavior continues less than desirable:
... There were now only ten skrewts left; apparently their desire to kill one another had not been exercised out of them. Each of them was now approaching six feet in length.... The class looked dispiritedly at the enormous boxed Hagrid had brought out, all lined with pillows and fluffy blankets.
That first sentence is comic genius.

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