Thursday, December 12, 2013

365 Poems: Me and Keith, waiting on a friend, or something

Day 346

Go digging around the universe and she hands you complexities and serendipities from unexpected solar systems.
Strange bedfellows.

If you had asked me before Wednesday afternoon how much Rolling Stone Keith Richards and I have in common, it would have been a really short conversation. And then I read this on WSJ Online:

Keith Richards: 'I Had a Sound in My Head That Was Bugging Me' and it's about the writing of
the tune 'Street Fighting Man.' My new brother from another mother says
"Street Fighting Man" was the first time I had a sound in my head that was bugging me. That would happen again many times, of course, but after that song I knew how to deal with it. Only in the studio could I put the two things together—the minimalist sound and the overdubbing. That's where the vision met reality. When we were completely done recording "Street Fighting Man" and played back the master, I just smiled. It's the kind of record you love to make—and they don't come that often.
Of course I wrote yesterday about the line that had been knocking around in my head that I corralled by posting about it, then about another ... possibility? ... I can't get rid of either. And who knew? Keith and me! Working away at ridding our heads of idea-worms.

With Keith as my new role model, I'm working on that possibility. It's a long way from being even a bad poem -- just lines on a steno notepad, fleshed out a little when typed into Google Drive, still needing a hella lot of work before it's much of anything. But it's more than it was. And still in my head.

You can listen to 'Street Fighting Man' if you click this link. But here's my favorite Rolling Stone song. Since I'm just waiting on a poem, it fits in pretty well.


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