Sunday, December 1, 2013

365 Poems: Just one more month

Day 335. One more month of 365 Poems.

Varied views

These county roads, I know them better than the lines on my face, for I've known them longer, no mile markers on these skinny backroads but so many memory markers, the low, long ranch houses and worn-scarlet barns the tidy farms of old neighbors and friends, the stop sign where Jeanine didn't know how to brake in the snow and slid into the ditch, the place we used to cut down Christmas trees,  the low gully where eight deer crossed in front of us, horizons so close they can hold no secrets in these northern Ohio Firelands where the lake plain meets the till plain, a glacier's melted legacy of low rolling hills covered in dull saffron stalk stubbles, harvest done, fields rimed in naked November woods and wind breaks, a circumscribed view, the luminous sunset's parallel rays gracing the landscape with texture and shape and light and space, an ordinary township made extraordinary by old geography and each hour's new slant of light; o traveler, don't blink you'll miss it; o voyager, don't fly by, you won't see it, why not pull over and just watch it, for soon it all fades into a slow cold and long goodnight, goodnight.

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