Sunday, December 29, 2013

365 Poems: I wrote a post with thugs, Robert Pinsky, AND footnotes, and only Smokey Robinson cares. It's a miracle.

Day 363

Make yourself at home, all you spam-botty Vietnamese,
all you vampires, sparkly or not, you web-crawlers,
you faux-search-sites, you reddit-ers looking for my
lost-cell-phone story, you misdirected Googlers looking
for real thugs, or real Game of Thrones news, or
even, God forbid, real poetry.
You've found the right place.
Sometimes I feel so, so lonely.

Not because I may hold the record for oldest blog with the fewest readers. There's an award for that somewhere and one day I shall receive it. And loves me, so there.

Rather because I wrote a post called  Dante Thugs and Poetry. With footnotes*** and I'm laughing alone.

In good news, the post, published Thanksgiving day, has 368 pageviews. In bad news, the post was published on Thanksgiving and has 368 pageviews.

Unfortunately my analytics software doesn't break down how much of that 368 is from my good friends at, or Vietnam (which seems to be the new favorite spam site that loves my blog), for that matter. But hi, vampires, and all you Vietnamese!

Anyway, if you want to read a blog post (haha! No one does! Take THAT, self-serving, self-referential META-humor!) that includes references to Caroline Bergvall, Dante, Thug Notes, the Danteworld web site, video-game Dante, Longfellow, Robert Pinsky and more -- WITH FOOTNOTES! -- you are at the right place. Seriously, with footnotes.

Earworm. You are welcome.

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