Saturday, December 14, 2013

365 Poems: Five things Friday. Get 'em on Saturday

Day 348

Scouring the web so you don't have to.

1. Quote of the week. Words that kill us and save us:
“For beauty is nothing but the beginning of terror
which we are barely able to endure, and it amazes us so,
because it serenely disdains to destroy us.
Every angel is terrible.”
Rainer Maria Rilke, Duino Elegies
2. What ended up being The Beatles final photo shoot on August 22, 1969. I was 13. Keep your eye on the hat. From Brain Pickings.

3. Watching this I feel very used yet warm and fuzzy:

4. It was this kind of Monday:

5. From the Huffington Post Art section: 14 Paintings That Revolutionized Art. This one doesn't seem to be included, but learning how it influenced poets was so cool to me:

Nude Descending a Staircase by Marcel Duchamp

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