Saturday, December 21, 2013

365 Poems: Five things--Elf talked off the shelf. Hogwarts, flipped. The Paris Review. Deliverance. Pentatonix.

Day 356

Gathered up on Friday. You get 'em Saturday. You're welcome.

Flip this wizard school, next up on HGTV.
1. Facebook status of the week (totally indicative of the type of week it was and in celebration of Christmas break): 

Aaahhh. Almost two weeks to regain my sparkle, get my mojo back, resurrect the unicorns, resuscitate Tinker Bell, and talk the Elf back off the shelf.

2. "JK Rowling's bestselling boy wizard is due for a makeover, with the launch of award-winning illustrator Jim Kay's fully-illustrated edition of Harry Potter in 2015."  Read more at The Guardian. I will be buying a new bookcase for these babies.

3. Why did it take me until today to find these absolutely absorbing Paris Review poet interviews? Donald Hall? James Dickey? T.S. Eliot!? Yea, it's been a good night.

4. Deliverance -- for all its violence and redneck undertones and backwoods-murder creepiness -- has some of the most beautiful writing ever; I love this description of the river. Thank you James Dickey:
Around the turn it came into view, and broadened in white. Everywhere we were going was filled with springbubblings, with lively rufflings, not dangerous-looking but sprightly and vivid. There was not the sensation of the water’s raging, but rather that of its alertness and resourcefulness as it split apart at rocks, frothed lightly, corkscrewed, fluted, fell, recovered, jostled into helmet-shapes over smoothed stones, and then ran out of sight down long garden-staircase steps around another turn....
And while we're at it, this:
The sky was beginning to smoke up with night, with complete, unlighted night. For a little while I thought that was the reason the water didn’t have the clean sparkle, the deep-milk-but-clear that it had had when we got on it. The current lacked the arrowy drive, the sense of purpose that had been part of it in the willow woods. There was something in the texture of it....
O USB Christmas tree,
how beautiful thy fiber optics!
 5. And to keep us in the spirit, my geeky little office Christmas tree, which has migrated home for the holidays ------>

And to sing us out, I was going to embed the Pentatonix Christmas song everybody's been sharing but then I found this and oh yea.

P.S. And in case you're worried, that thing we've been writing about? It's doing okay.

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