Tuesday, December 3, 2013

365 Poems: Crazy town

Day 337

'Laundry on the Line' by Cristina Costa.
While putting laundry away I multitasked by thinking about success because I read something recently about how persistence is more important than genius, which is good, since I've been pretty persistent (see 365 Poems Project), but not, unfortunately, very genius-y. And I was thinking about patience, because I cooked dinner and I always think the reason I don't like to cook is because I'm not very patient -- anything I have in the patience department is learned behavior. Patience is, of course, part of persistence -- you're being patient with the process, patient for an outcome, as you keep forging forward.

The other part of patience, where writing is concerned, is with the hard-copy product as it goes from first draft to finished work -- one needs the patience to let a piece set (and sit) for awhile; to read it carefully, slowly, red pen in hand, divorcing yourself from it it, then beating it to death, sending half of it to the seventh level of Hell, and cleaning the other half up to make it half-way presentable. To know it's never enough, but to know when to quit. And I have all kinds of problems with many steps of that process. Blogging daily is not real conducive to a careful writing process -- for me, anyway. But it's more fun and more crazy, huh?

I took a project-management seminar once for work that taught us that for every project, there is a 'driver' -- usually time, or money, or quality. Blogging, it seems to me, has time as a driver, although quality should really be its driver; we can probably all agree it's not money -- now that's crazy.
I thought this was pretty crazy when I first read about it, then I listened to it and it was crazy and wicked cool. From the Dangerous Minds site:
The Ballad Of The Skeletons” with Philip Glass, Lenny Kaye, session guitarist David Mansfield, Marc Ribot and Paul McCartney (on organ, maracas and drums) was [Allen] Ginsberg’s final 1996 release and in many ways, it’s probably the best of his recorded work.
This was the version I really liked -- notice how well Mr. Ginsberg and Paul coordinate the spoken word and the music. Allen really gets into it, but who wouldn't, with the cute Beatle playing guitar for you? And the piece is as fresh today as it was in 1996.

I'll give you crazy. Star Wars is on Instagram, and we've got Darth Vader's first selfie:

Trying to find patience and need crazy quiet. Soundtrack tonight:

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