Sunday, December 22, 2013

365 Poems: Bad blog SEO--Puppies kittens thugs vampires edward pattinson game of thrones miley cyrus desperation

Day 356

If our web site at work -- when it was under my 'administration' -- had as poor SEO as this blog, I'd have been fired a long time ago. It's a good thing we're in this for the fun and not the ROI.

It's a long and winding road that leads to your blog.
You'd think more than 25 people a day -- an average number, according to the stats -- would find a 10-year-old blog just by accident, given there are over 250,000,000 people online just in the U.S. But then we're competing with seven million other blogs, so perhaps we should be happen with these two dozen folks. And we are! Hi guys!

But wait. There's more. It's not really 25 visitors. Take a look at the 'Referring URL Chart' above. It's the last week's referring web site. Of the top three referrers, two are shadow/bot sites just trying to use a real blog to get clicks for their site; of the top 10, four are similar bot-clickers. Reddit's there; I'm still getting clicks from the great cell phone heist of 2013. I share the posts on Google+, which might explain some of the Google traffic. But vampirestat? That site based in Vietnam? Searchysearchsearch sites? False friends, guys. False friends.

Spam traffic isn't funny, but it's something every site deals with, a little, anyway. (Although I do think I deserve the Decade of Spam Traffic Award 2013.) What IS funny are the all-time Top 10 posts. (Look in the right-hand column.) A long time ago I wrote a little thing about a diss about Ft. Wayne in the Columbus Post-Dispatch -- it's the number one visited post on the blog! Prob thanks to the OSU mention. Coming in at #2 is the Reddit-fueled post about my cell phone. Number 3 -- a post where I posted a YouTube video of John Lennon's Imagine. Totally lazy. Total post juice. Four is just a followup about the phone.

We get into a more recent history with entries five, six and seven, and we can draw some important lessons:

1) Don't be afraid to piggy-back on other's success. Thank you, Tyrion Lannister! Just mentioning your name in a post title moved you into fifth place in Cathy's All-Star Blog Post List! Team Lannister all the way!

2) Quote famous grammar books! In your title! Thank you Elements of Style.

3) Thugs. Get some thugs in your posts. Who knew thugs had so much time to search for one another? Or that thugs love Dante? And yet they seem to, because they're finding my post about 48 Dante Variations in which I include an extremely educational YouTube video from Thug Notes. I totally want to work for the Thug Notes guy. (Really a professor. Probably never a thug. Totally my kind of prof.)

Thugs and Dostoyevsky? Yes please:

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