Saturday, December 7, 2013

365 Poems: 5 things Friday. You get 'em Saturday

Hey hey
Day 341

In which Nelson Mandela and the Monkees are mentioned.

1. Just one more thing about Nelson Mandela: He was in jail for 27 years, and here's what it was like:
In the winter of 1964, Nelson Mandela arrived on Robben Island where he would spend 18 of his 27 prison years. Confined to a small cell, the floor his bed, a bucket for a toilet, he was forced to do hard labor in a quarry. He was allowed one visitor a year for 30 minutes. He could write and receive one letter every six months. But Robben Island became the crucible which transformed him. Through his intelligence, charm and dignified defiance, Mandela eventually bent even the most brutal prison officials to his will, assumed leadership over his jailed comrades and became the master of his own prison. He emerged from it the mature leader who would fight and win the great political battles that would create a new democratic South Africa.
(This is from PBS Frontline web site, The Long Walk of Nelson Mandela: The Prisoner.) We are honored to have shared the planet with a man such as this.

2. Cats are controlling us. The Atlantic reported this as if it were news. They are obviously all controlled by cats.

3. The Monkees were my first love. Mike Nesmith was a awesome Monkee, as Dangerous Minds points out this week. They, too, report this as if it were news. They, too, are being controlled by cats.

Davy's eyebrows look like caterpillars and he's very earnest. Peter is a good little lip-synching soldier. Mickey is looking off into tomorrow. Mike totally looks like he wishes he were back in Texas until he sneaks a peek at Peter and ends up high-fiving him. Classic Monkees.

4. Paul Walker died and Facebook was sad. Very, very sad. Until then I did not know who he was. But now I'm sad too.

5. The Sound of Music happened on TV and Twitter was happy. I was too. More here. And here. Here too. Here's one I should have tweeted: 'I don't think American Idol winner Carrie Underwood quite made that her own.'

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