Wednesday, November 13, 2013

365 Poems: The pan movement, dandelions, and poems without borders. And kittens.

Day 317

Today at school I was a very good girl. I sat in the front, didn't talk in class, and paid attention to my teachers.

I took very copious notes in each, but to remember what I learned, I better distill the main thing from each.

1. From history class, the 'pan' movement. People connected through religion or nationality without borders, brought together in a network that supersedes their diaspora. The Zionist movement is a 'pan' network. There was also a 'pan-Islamic' movement, attempting to bring together scattered Muslim groups feeling threatened by enroaching Christianity and Christian nationals. Today's Al-Queda organization is an 'heir' to the pan-Islamic movement.

2. GREAT word: 'Mullipuff.' Used by Puritan poet Edward Taylor in Meditation 22, 'God Hath Highly Exalted Him.' See illustration for the meaning. This is a word to be resurrected.

3. Erica Baum's Card Catalog and Dog-Ear. Poetry found in the library and ... some unknown book. Found poetry. Mixing genres -- photography and poetry -- into something new and strange, yet using old tools and familiar techniques. Poetry unbound. Read more in Bomb Magazine. I love this found poetry and it gave me an idea for finding a little poetry myself....

BTW. Congratulations. You have read the only blog post written in Fort Wayne, Indiana, today that brings together a historical movement, an archaic yet totally cool word, and a conceptual poet. We are only missing kittens.
You. Are. Welcome.
Got it.

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  1. Anonymous6:04 PM

    Hi. I'm currently studying The Poetry of Early New England and am reading this poem by Edward Taylor and didn't know the word mullipuff. Did he make it up? Did it gain any currency? And am I right in thinking it means what I refer to as a dandelion clock? Thanks :)