Sunday, November 17, 2013

365 Poems: Of a Sunday

Day 321

Maybe too much news this morning. John F. Kennedy is still dead. Tornadoes may come. The Philippines suffer.

So we search for the things that save us. Balloons in the morning:


“The places where water comes together with other water. Those places stand out in my mind like holy places.”
Raymond Carver, Where Water Comes Together with Other Water: Poems

Lifelong learning, via MOOCS like ModPo, and the possibilities of places like the Kelly Writer's House:

Christmas lights that maybe are lit early but maybe we need them since the leaves are all gone:

Poems like this (listen here):


48 Dante Variations

Nel mezzo del cammin di nostra vita
mi ritrovai per una selva oscura
che la diritta via era smarrita

The Divine Comedy – Pt. 1 Inferno – Canto 1 – (1-3)
1. Along the journey of our life half way
I found myself again in a dark wood
wherein the straight road no longer lay
(Dale, 1996) Read it all.

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