Thursday, November 21, 2013

365 Poems: My go-to

I wrote about Kim Kardashian.
You're getting a picture of Shakespeare.
Because I feel dirty otherwise.
Day 325

When we need a blog post to get through the night and the day seems bereft of anything remotely literary sometimes we find ourselves googling things like 'Kim Kardashian' for inspiration (! ? ! WTF!) but after looking at her web site and reading her Wikipedia entry we're concurrently LOL-ing at the grandiose banality of the thing, and so depressed we have to fire up Spotify and start listening to our 'Favorites' playlist that has all our comfort songs on it.

And why Kim Kardashian, we ask ourselves, today of all days? 

Because she's everywhere, headlines scattered around the internet like F5 tornado debris, headlines we try to fly over like a helicopter surveying destruction, and even if we've never, seriously, ever watched one minute of a show she's in, we wonder every time we see a SNL sketch, does she really talk like that? (Okay, I googled that and yes she does.) 

And why is she so everywhere that we can't avoid her even when we try? Why does she have a reality show ('Kim and Klohoe Do Miami' or whatever), and a couple of failed marriages (the first at 19)(and one REALLY expensive and REALLY short), and an engagement to a narcissist (to be named later), and a baby named for a compass direction (nice nickname, though), and a perfume (self-referential), and a spray tan line (with a sister or two), and 'fashion' (ill-fitting), and a video that made my eyes AND ears hurt ('Jam'), and a sex tape (made with her 'then-boyfriend Ray-J', as quoted from Wikipedia)?

I owe it all to Saturday Night Live.

The Black Hole of Kardashian on Google has almost made us miss the point. 

What we need is a go-to topic for days like this one, when the Kim Kardashians of this world threaten to overwhelm us, when the world has been too much with us, when the hurly-burly of the day becomes the day. Read something better, note something better, think something better, transcend the ordinary. Persist, as we said yesterday.

Resolve to read all the books on the National Book Award shortlist. Find a new poetry magazine like Coldfront. Listen to good music. Read a good blog entry like 13 Famous Book Characters You Just Want to Slap (Really? Harry?). Read a poem, any poem, a poem from a new favorite poet. And never forget to read a little Ray.

My God, I feel better.

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