Sunday, November 3, 2013

365 Poems: Goin' Ivy League

Day 307

Go team.
I'm a Big 10 girl all the way (I.U., '82) but it hit me today as I was bouncing between my Coursera Modern Poetry course from the University of Pennsylvania, the Coursera history class from Princeton and a just-begun course in Early American Poetry from Harvard edX, that good God. I'm kind of like an Ivy League poor cousin. (And I didn't mention the philosophy class I took from University of Edinburgh.)

And I just found an elementary French course -- free -- from Carnegie Mellon.

Although my head may explode -- not from too much information but from the connections and causalities between it all:

  • Nation building around the world from history class.
  • Birth of a new nation in the early poetry of New England.
  • A nation questioning itself in modernist and post-modernist poetry.
Here's a pretty good list of MOOC opportunities here.

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