Saturday, November 2, 2013

365 Poems: Five things Friday. You read 'em Saturday.

Day 306

1. Since I am writing and you are reading, we've escaped the Zombie Apocalypse once again. Keep these tips handy. Also, remember, in the words of Mad-Eye Moody: CONSTANT VIGILANCE. Be on the lookout for ... zombie elves?

2. THE Ohio State University Marching Band. Wall Street Journal has a good background article here.

3. Bad things happen. I do this.

4. Like I needed another class. But taking a poetry class through Harvard? Can't resist any more than I can the bargain book bin or the $5 album downloads on Amazon. It's like poem porn for Cathy. HarvardX: Poetry in America: The Poetry of Early New England began this week and it looks ... beyond lyrical. And it's FREE. And it's part of a bigger online course they'll be offering in 2014.

5. Finally. Gravity. In IMAX 3D. Definitely an Oscar nomination for Sandra Bullock. Maybe we sat a little too close to the screen but ... two hours later I'm still a little ... spacey. (HAHA) Best moment? When she's crying and a tear comes floating out ... like it was going to land on my face and I'd be crying her tears.

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