Saturday, November 23, 2013

365 Poems: Five things blah blah

Day 327

Trolling the internet since 1995 with your best interest in mind.

1. Fifty years and he's still dead and I have grown up and gotten old and he has not. I thought I'd heard it all -- books, movies, documentaries -- but this story on NPR was new to me: 'Moved By Kennedy's Death, The Boston Symphony Played On.' The gasps. And this, about Taps:  At JFK’s funeral 50 years ago, a bugler’s broken note spoke for a grieving nation

2. Last word: Sometimes I think our obsession with President Kennedy's assassination isn't as much about history or grief or conspiracy theories or mystery as it is magical thinking: Maybe if watch a documentary one more time, it will end differently; maybe if we read one more book, it will the end differently; maybe if we listen to the news one more time, it will end differently; maybe if we look at the Zapruder film just. one. more. time, he'll just ride by. None of those things ever happen -- 50 years later, maybe it's time we learned: He's still, all, gone.

3. LOVE those poetic royals: 'Queen celebrates poetry at palace' -- The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh looked forward to their 66th wedding anniversary with an unprecedented celebration of poetry at Buckingham Palace.

4. F. Scott Fitzgerald Reads John Masefield’s “On Growing Old”

5. Taking these MOOCs this year, I've found the truth in this. Education is wasted on the young.

Come to think of it ... maybe Number 2 isn't as true as I thought. 

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